Giulietta Inner Door Handles

Alfa Giulietta Inner Door Handle
Fitting Instructions

Drivers Side
Front Inner Door Handle
Passenger Side
Front Inner Door Handle
Drivers Side
Rear Inner Door Handle
Passenger Side
Rear Inner Door Handle

Step 1

Unscrew and remove the clip at point "A"
located under the opening lever

Step 2

Unhook and completely remove the interior door panel

Step 3

Remove with a tool the riveting plastic at points
B-C-D paying attention NOT TO DAMAGE
the brackets on the inner frame

Step 4

Detach the sealing at the points highlighted on the
instructions in order to pull the frame from the inner lining

Step 5

Detach bracket, remove door carrier structure and
remove door handle

Step 6

Insert new interior door handle, making sure it is attached
to the door mounting points.
Fix the door handle at points B-C-D (Step 3) with
double glue; do the same also for the skeleton sealing points
highlights in Step 4.
Replace the tie rod lock making sure that it works correctly.
Reinstall the panel on the door and fix the handle to point "A" (Step 1)

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