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Welcome to our new section where you will find helpful articles and tips on how to maintain and work on your Fiat or Alfa Romeo. We find that genuine car enthusiasts love to work on their own vehicles and our ‘How to Maintain’ section will be a useful point of call for all of you hoping to make your vehicles run better. Of course, if you need Fiat or Alfa Romeo parts in the first place in order to maintain, upgrade or improve your vehicle, use the main section of our site to find just what you are looking for.

How to Replace Your Brake Discs and Pads
One of the most important aspects to driver safety is often overlooked when people decide to buy a new vehicle, namely – the brakes. Read more...

How to Service Your Vehicle
For many of us, servicing your own car is something that we leave to the professionals, but it needn’t be that way. Read more...

Car checks and maintenance for winter
It’s the time of year when car owners start thinking about where they left the de-icer when they cleaned out the car last April, but in fact there are far more steps that the responsible owner should take before winter sets in to make sure that their journeys are safe and the car is ready for everything the weather can throw at it. Read more...

How To Maintain Your Prized Fiat
Fiat cars are very popular in both the new and used markets and much of the popularity comes from their reliability. Every car needs basic maintenance, however reliable it is, and some people like to leave this to garage workshops whilst others like to do the basic things for themselves. Buying Fiat parts online is not difficult  Read more...

How To Prepare Your Car For The Snow
If you haven’t noticed, the weather is not getting any milder and we have at least a few months of icy hardship on the horizon. So how can we ensure that our cars manage to deal with these near arctic conditions without too many difficulties? As well as depending on our vehicles for commuting and getting the family around, we also need to keep ourselves safe when negotiating the snow and icy roads. Read more...

How to Stop Noisy Brakes on an Alfa Romeo
There’s nothing worse than squeaky brakes. Not only are they extremely annoying; they can also be embarrassing and a major irritation to your neighbours and fellow drivers. There’s no surer way to take the fun out of driving your Alfa Romeo, but luckily it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything technically wrong with your brakes at all (they will most likely still be functioning just as well as they ever did, so don’t panic), and it’s an issue that’s usually easily fixed at home without having to obtain too many Alfa Romeo spare parts. Read more...

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