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Whatever type of Alfa Romeo 145 part you need, you are sure to find it here by selecting the correct model and category. Whether you need an oil filter for an Alfa Romeo 145 1.6 8V, or a water pump for an Alfa Romeo 145 2.0 16v, you will be able to locate and order it in next to no time. As well as having a fantastic selection of Alfa Romeo 145 spare parts, we also stock spare parts for many other models such as the Alfa Romeo 155, Alfa Romeo Brera and Alfa Romeo Spider models.

We aim to make finding your Alfa Romeo spare parts as effortless as possible, meaning you can get on with the job at hand. For anyone who loves working on their own vehicle, or perhaps fixes others for a living, you'll find everything you need right here at your fingertips.

Latest Alfa Romeo 145 Products

Brake Pad Set

Brake Pad Set

£15.76 £65.46
Brake Disc

Brake Disc

£15.08 £33.26
Brake Pad Set

Brake Pad Set

£25.74 £49.68
Brake Disc

Brake Disc

£13.21 £30.12

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Pollen Filter

Pollen Filter

£12.18 £19.30