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Selenia WR Pure Energy (1ltr)

JTD Engines

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  • Part Number: S4P4179
  • OEM Number: 70205E18EU
  • Manufacturer: Selenia
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  • Our Price: £10.8713.04 inc VAT)
  • Weight: 2.01 kg (Check Delivery Rate)

Product Description

Selenia WR Pure Energy is a newly conceived fully synthetic lubricant capable of answering the needs of the most modern diesel engines. Passing the ACEA C2 specification certifies the low ash content, which is an indispensable characteristic to protect the particulate filter from residual combustion products that could cause dangerous clogging of the filter itself.
Selenia WR Pure Energy 5W-30 is the first product with High Fuel Economy System, a special formulation that allows considerable fuel saving compared with products of the same viscosimetric rating.
  • It increases protection on the mostly stressed parts of the engine; in particular Selenia WR Pure Energy greatly reduces the danger of turbine soiling, which is the main cause of falling performance and, in prolonged cases, of breakages.
  • Selenia WR Pure Energy is therefore a lubricant with very high performance that can combine respect for the environment with its low ash content and protection of increasingly high performance diesel engines.
As per OEM owner manual.
Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo

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