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Selenia ABARTH (10W/50) - 2 Litres

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  • Part Number: S4P4373
  • OEM Number: 70200GC5EU
  • Manufacturer: Petronas
  • Retail Price: £29.23
  • Our Price: £20.7624.91 inc VAT)
  • Weight: 2.6 kg (Check Delivery Rate)

Product Description

Selenia Abarth 10W-50 Engine Oil is a fully synthetic "preparazione" lubricant that warrants the utmost performance for engines with high specific power.Selenia Abarth Oil 10W-50 is the lubricant formulated for all Abarth cars fitted with the Tuning Kit that increases the engine performance. The Abarth relationship is a testimony to the supremacy of Selenia products.
Selenia Abarth Motor Oil 10w-50 is able of meeting the higher performance requirements of the engine.
  • It ensures very high stability at high temperatures.
  • It prevents fouling of the turbine optimising engine performance level.
  • High stability to oxidation.
  • Maximum grip of the lubricating film.

Cross References

FIAT 13133701

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