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Petronas Syntium 3000 AV (5Ltr)

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  • Part Number: S4P9076
  • OEM Number: 18285019
  • Manufacturer: Petronas
  • Retail Price: £34.66
  • Our Price: £24.6129.53 inc VAT)
  • Weight: 5.01 kg (Check Delivery Rate)

Product Description

Syntium 3000 AV is a synthetic lubricant with low ash content. It reduces fuel consumption and protects the engine in all types of climates.
Owing to Low SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur) technology and its particular viscosity, Syntium 3000 AV can offer:
  • Increased protection against wear of all engine components subjected to lubrication;
  • Reduction of the accumulation of ash in exhaust systems fitted with particulate filter;
  • Protection against the formation of deposits and sludge;
  • Excellent thermal stability and resistance to oxidation;
  • Maximising of engine performance resulting in fuel saving;
  • Reduction of oil consumption.
  • SAE 5W-40
  • ACEA A3/B3/B4 C3
  • Mb-Approval 229.31/229.51
  • VW 502.00-505.00-505.01

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